As you start out in adult life, accessing reliable financial advice can be frustrating. With many young adults finding financial planning daunting or overwhelming, it’s time to change perceptions.


Getting onto the property ladder is not easy. But, by taking control of your finances, you can make it possible.

Finding and securing the right mortgage takes planning and forethought – which financial planning can help with. Understanding your finances is the first step toward owning your own home.


Understandably, your children are one of your main financial concerns. These worries fall into two categories:

  • Short-term: School supplies, clothing, food, pocket money, toys, electronics, etc
  • Long-term: Events to save toward, including education and holidays

It can be easy to focus on the immediate costs and hope that the long-term expenses fall into place. However, by planning your finances, you can afford the things you and your family need now, while ensuring that the future is taken care of.

Looking to the future

You have so many big life moments ahead of you. However you envision your future right now, planning is essential to making sure that everything is taken care of financially.

Getting married, having children, making big purchases, moving to a new house and retirement are just a few of the life moment taken into consideration when planning your future.

Financial planning in early adulthood means that you can afford to live well in the moment, while ensuring that you are prepared for life’s big moments when they happen.

Safety nets

Making sure that you have protection in place, should a financial shock hit you and your family, is vital. Having a buffer in place in case of an unexpected expense means that you will be able to handle those events without depriving yourself in the short term.

Please remember:

The value of pension and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Tax Planning.

Your financial plan should include the building and maintenance of an emergency fund, which you can fall back on if you lose your income, or need to replace an appliance in your home.

Great financial planning also includes protective policies, including:

  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income protection
  • Life Insurance

These plans provide you and your family with peace-of-mind in the event of  illness, accident or death.

Planning for retirement

It may feel like retirement is a long way away right now… But, the earlier you begin to plan and put money away for later life, the more comfortable you will be when the time comes. No matter whether it is short-term, or long-term, feeling confident about your future wellbeing is important.

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