My work

I joined the Bank of Scotland after leaving school and remained with the organisation for 22 years. I began working as a financial adviser after five years and spent 17 years advising clients across the Lothians on matters of personal finance, including accessing credit, planning for retirement and optimising savings to get the best returns.

With the ever-changing landscape of the financial sector, I understand that accessing high quality and straightforward financial advice can be challenging. However, I strongly believe that the right to affordable, high-quality advice is vital to the financial planning process and I am committed to providing this service to my clients.

My favourite part of my job is seeing my clients’ confidence grow as they begin to understand the options available to them, and the thrill of receiving a call from a new client who has heard good things about me from friends and family. I aim to continue to build a healthy and respected business, where clients are looked after over many years and know that they can count on me to provide explanations and suggestions in a no-nonsense, plain English manner.


My philosophy

Everyone should have access to high-quality independent financial advice and planning, which is affordable and delivered in a convenient and comfortable environment.

In the current marketplace, advice and straightforward explanations are needed more than ever. I understand the need to feel looked after – like your independent financial adviser cares about your situation, needs, and circumstances – and that is what sets me apart in the industry.

I am passionate that my customers receive the level of care they deserve. To deliver this, I take the time to ensure that all discussions and advice is delivered in a convenient and comfortable environment.

I believe that even if you have no interest in finance, planning for your future should not be boring. After all, the process of creating a financial plan is a means to an end and will bring you more secure access to your desired lifestyle. I aim to give you the confidence to enjoy your money and your life, simultaneously.

My life

As a 40-something myself, I know first-hand how financial planning needs can change throughout life. Since buying my first record in 1986 – Now That’s What I Call Music 8 – I have had an appreciation for the power of money and the need to plan to buy the things we want and live the lifestyle we aspire to.

I was born in Edinburgh and brought up in Loanhead. I’ve loved living in the area ever since. Why wouldn’t I? With such great scenery and history, there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Between our home here and our holidays at Center Parcs; my wife, four children and I love nothing more than spending time together.

When I am not meeting clients or spending time with my family, I enjoy relaxing with an Indian takeaway and a few cold beers.

Keith Roseburgh Independent Financial Adviser


For your reassurance

As an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), I am classed as a Registered Individual by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The links below depart from the regulatory site of Keith Roseburgh. Neither Keith Roseburgh nor Intrinsic is responsible for the accuracy of the information contacted within the linked sites.

All regulated advisers appear on the FCA Register. My entry is available to view by clicking here.

A statement of Professional Standing (SPS) is issued by an FCA appointed accredited body and shows that I have:

  • Applied a code of ethical standards to my work
  • Passed all necessary qualifications to perform my services
  • Completed the appropriate Continuous Professional Development
  • Complied with Statements of Principle and Code of Practice for approved persons (APER)

This is a required document for financial advisers and can be viewed here.

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